Circle Meeting

Circle Meeting


What’s good? Share something good about you or your work (1 min each)
  • @Astrid Scholz had a great weekend with daughter
  • Will — prospective new LP in fund
  • @Francene
  • Dann — finishing up apartment for / with mom
  • @Francene
Quarterly Goals. What do we want to prioritize for the next 90 days? (10mins)
  1. Navigate ZU members to capital. How?
    1. Get commitments for the ICC credit enhancement facility, regranting facility, and institutional pipeline.
    2. Marketing event at SOCAP
  2. Streamline the ZU Capital navigation experience
    1. Engage co-op members to contribute more patronage
    2. Increasing the number of WeFunder eligible members and other crowd platforms
  3. Advancing the Capital Collectives in Europe and SE Asia
    1. Next phase of round table discussions in Berlin with German investors
Long Term Goals. Where are we going? (5 mins)
  1. Mobilize BILLIONS of dollars to Zebra companies
Scorecard. Are we progressing the work? What are our measurable outcomes due when? (DOC)

To-do List
IDS. Identify, Discuss, Solve. What are our blockers, solve them and move to To-do.
Concept papers for 🇩🇪 and 🇬🇧 in drafting stage,
Need to finalize the ICC capital product one-sheets
CEF deck + one-pager
regranting facility [@Astrid Scholz to draft]
crowd equity pool [@Astrid Scholz to draft]
Could do this as an SPV to go into zebras aligned Wefunder campaigns, expect return of x, ZU will take a management fee and carry; or do it pari passu; or create a for-profit entity
or take it as a tax write off into a donation, which we then invest
@Astrid Scholz to discuss with David
Recap To-Do List
Cascading Messages
Rating (1-10)
Move your To-Do’s to Asana if that’s how you like to work 🙂


  • dual focus of the circle:
    • launching more capital collectives
    • bringing ICC capital products to market
  • Dann knows key players in Mexico 🇲🇽, where this could work
    • New Ventures / Roro Villar
    • he’ll do a little sense making and listening locally
    • Will has contacts in LatAm, someone who’s created accelerators and incubator programs; Rob Ryan