Circle meeting 31 May 2022

Quick Reference

🤝 Agreements
  • Ahead of meeting:
    • All project leads fill in the Updates section for their project using the Agenda Key
    • Put any Discussion, Proposal Stuck and Questions items into the Discussion section.
⏲️ Agenda Key
  • H: Highlight (Capital circle members should know about this work from last week)
  • A: Ask (ie I have a Need)
  • C: Celebrate!
  • R: Need Review (asynchronous)
  • Q: Have a Question (to be answered now or asynchronously, depending)
  • S: Stuck/Blocked (can’t move forward without a solve)
  • D: Needs Discussion (in our meeting today)
  • P: Proposal (needs voting on /approval from Dazzle District)


Investment Referral Prototype

Project lead/s:

Europe Crowdfunding

Project lead/s:

Lend4Good Matchmaking

Project lead/s

Octopus Collective

Project lead/s

Scaling Capital Navigation

Project lead/s

We Funder + Matchmaking

Project lead/s:

Support the Capital Entrepreneurs

Project lead/s

Capital Circle Braintrust

Project lead/s

Zebra Capital Salons

Project lead/s

  • Ana Jamborcic
  • Francene
  • Evgeni

Discussion items

Rules for this section: - Discussion items will be tackled in the same order that they were added e.g. if you add your discussion item mid-meeting, please add your need to the bottom of the list. We’ll do our best to get to it if we have time! - Tag the person that will present the discussion item - Add a time estimate for how long the discussion item is expected to take

  • Update: Sassy is working on standardised circle pledge - Esme (2mins)
  • (Re)introducing @Francene - 15 mins
    • leaning into the operations of our circle, supporting @Astrid Scholz
    • she’ll follow up with all circle members to make sure that everyone is working in the streams that they most want to be in
  • Capital Salons — @Francene - 5 mins
    • both events on track, save the date notes have gone out
    • will get the registration links out this week
    • first ones designed as listening sessions
  • Already getting interest in leveraging capital salons for next stages of creating the European capital collective later in June
    • do some listening sessions with investors (Miah interested in doing that)
    • working on Canadian and Mexico salon
    • @Francene reaching out to Techstars and Purpose, Will Stringer already on the panel; who else are we looking for?
  • SuperCrowd22 - Devin
    • did some in-person events after Jobs Act, now relaunching virtually
    • turning into a formal partnership with ZU
    • make


Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

@Astrid Scholz