Cam & Astrid talk Lend4Good


What are we talking about?

  • Funder messaging and automation that builds up over time, e.g. from Asana

“I'm wondering whether we could have an auto email setup that tells Funders what their ZU investment options are upon completion of the AirTable, i.e. point to WeFunder, LendForGood, - we could set something up and then evolve what is in this auto email as we develop out ZU options ... from an LFG pov we could set up a specific landing page that ZU folks would land on that would enable us to capture them as ZU referrals for the $ share program. That would provide a more systematic approach, though passive. Would be a good start.”

  • Promoting specific funding opportunities to Funders and Members (as funders via crowd platforms), e.g. from Asana

“Beyond that, what you and I have spoken about Astrid is presenting specific deal opportunities, e.g. if StayAltered listed, we could promote their community funding round to the ZU membership and funding network, which would being them to LFG at that point. Again, we could use a specific landing page for this so we capture the referrals.”

  • ZU to LendForGood workflows as per discussion in LendForGood Matchmaking task > “develop a LFG referral product for members” in Asana
  • Matching Founder messaging and automation that links to our ‘Find Funding’ Notion page


What are re wanting to remember?

  • Status of Evan’s campaign for Stay Altered:
    • Reconsidering his capital strategy, looking to do 300K convertible debt round before August, then doing 1M+ in 2023
    • CN now talking to his numbers guy about this, while they are pitching, use LFG start of July go through end of August
    • Of that 300K, has line of sight to 100K
    • LFG are fixed term, fixed price, more bond-like —> terms are baked into platform
    • ET may also be interested in Wefunder as part of his community round
    • One of us then needs to work with him on the loan details, to get it listed; ZU has free listing fee because of arrangements, we work networks to drive attention
    • ZU as intermediary gets charged based on our volume we put through, pass those fees on to founders
  • Use canned emails in the Asana LFG workflow when we think an enterprise is a good candidate
  • @Cameron Neil had a good chat with Brian from Earth Tech
  • Need to look at WeFunder and Europe Matchmaking to see if there are folks in that flow relevant for LFG

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • Figure out Asana email triggers - @Astrid Scholz
  • Draft LFG canned email (goes to the Founder that introduces LFG and how it works and that ZU thinks they would be a good fit + explain ZU fees)
  • Use LFG matchmaking as pilot for matchmaking (cc @Madelynn Martiniere)
  • Cameron to take the lead on moving potential Founders through the LFG board (ideally get someone to help)
  • Cameron to have a look at the Find Funding page to see how we better message Founders to have reviewed the ecosystem partner options and select best or preferred and/or bespoke
  • Funder canned email with links to landing pages - Cameron to draft
  • Cameron to book a demo session for Brian at EarthTech with Astrid and Madelynn