Circle meeting 25 Jan 22


  • Wefunder backlog is up to date
  • Kimberly Evans:
    • not ready for Wefunder or any other capital, needs TA services to sharpen her business model
    • prototype the navigation to TA providers a la the internal marketplace we imagine
    • We’ll call @Esme Verity into the pertinent Asana task to evaluate whether and how a provider like Considered Capital could be helpful here.
  • New circle member: Dann Moreno
    • CDMX, getting to know our work;
    • we discover lots of connections!
    • has been working with Jenny Kassan, likes helping entrepreneurs use
  • Action items from last week carry over:
    • @Astrid Scholz to loop up with Wefunder
    • Miah to make introduction to Raven