Circle meeting 26 April 2022


What are we talking about?

  • Update on ZU Capital Salon (Ana)
  • Best places to jump in if you haven’t been here a while (Will)
    • Can we create a better process for this? (@Esme Verity)
  • What is the Supporting Capital Entrepreneurs (@Esme Verity) (10 minutes)
    • See the overview section of that project
  • “Dealflow” (Julia) 2 minutes
  • Feedback Ines (Julia) 2 minutes


What are re wanting to remember?

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • Revisiting Operation meeting —> schedule for next week
  • Will to chronicle journey of getting back into Capital work
  • Julia to ask project members for more help with the crowdfunding match-making
  • Esme to debrief with Andrew and summarise purpose of ‘Support the Capital Entrepreneurs’ project