What’s good? Share something good about you or your work (1 min each)

Quarterly Goals. What do we want to prioritize for the next 90 days? (10mins)
  1. Navigate ZU members to capital. How?
    1. Get commitments for the ICC credit enhancement facility, regranting facility, and institutional pipeline.
    2. Marketing event at SOCAP
  2. Streamline the ZU Capital navigation experience
    1. Engage co-op members to contribute more patronage
    2. Increasing the number of WeFunder eligible members and other crowd platforms
  3. Advancing the Capital Collectives in Europe and SE Asia
    1. Next phase of round table discussions in Berlin with German investors
Long Term Goals. Where are we going? (5 mins)
  1. Mobilize BILLIONS of dollars to Zebra companies
Scorecard. Are we progressing the work? What are our measurable outcomes due when? (DOC)

To-do List
IDS. Identify, Discuss, Solve. What are our blockers, solve them and move to To-do.
Recap To-Do List
Cascading Messages
Rating (1-10)
Move your To-Do’s to Asana if that’s how you like to work 🙂


  • How do we maximize the partnership?
    • alignment is great as before, capital for companies whose TAM doesn’t start with a B
    • those founders who are struggling to raise capital, will also struggle to raise on Wefunder, they’ll need help…
    • managing expectations
    • best sweet spot: do you have a large base of customers who love your product and brand, extent of passion trumps the size of the audience
    • how do we move the needle for a company that doesn’t already have a rabid fan base, depends on our engagement policies and criteria
      • e.g. promote one co-op member a quarter, to increase the quality
      • we can keep it more open on our end, and send them the prospects
  • who does this well among their partners?
    • Brownstein publishing
  • How do we tune our communications channels to work with each other?
  • Put ZU Co-Op itself up for a community round…

Agreements / Action items:

  • @Francene we need to get Mainstreet Phoenix up there under the past raises
  • Flow: we promote the community page https://wefunder.com/community/zebrasunitecoop to our co-op members and talk about it as a perk of membership, they will check with us before listing a company to give us an opportunity to bring somebody into the co-op if they aren’t already; set up cadence for how we promote a listed company
  • Schedule Jonny to come on a Crowdcast —> talk about how the partnership works
  • @Francene and ROss to revise the Zebras Raising Capital form, and relaunch it