Circle meeting 15 Feb 22


What are we talking about?

  • Next phase capital navigation offerings — Cam:
    • How do we best leverage Lend4Good?
    • How and when to roll out bespoke navigation offering?
  • From Julia:
    • Missing decks in europe crowdfund board 8mostly ask to astrid, how to proceed?
      • @Astrid Scholz: have made myself a task in Asana to attach them manually
    • should i start cold reach out to get updated info for europe matchmaking?
      • Yes please!


What are re wanting to remember?

  • reviewed the purpose of the Circle and how we operate
  • Kate, Dann and Julia talked about where and how to work together
  • Also, Wefunder is about to put together a ZU branded page, and expand to Europe later this year! We have a couple of newer deals that are ready for introduction, which @Astrid Scholz is making this week. Also will be reaching out to some stealth zebras that slipped through the cracks last year, to round them up on the forthcoming ZU page.
  • And: we may have our first candidate for listing on the Lend4Good platform. Have created a project here to help us manage that flow.

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • @Astrid Scholz to connect with Cam re updates & Lend4Good
  • @Astrid Scholz will follow up with the items Julia raised