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What are we talking about?

Standing invitation: Finding the Capital Circle on the Member Dashboard:
Zebras Unite Capital
Zebras Unite Capital
  1. We are working on making onboarding into the Capital Circle easier and more delightful.
  2. Dates confirmed for our first capital salons are happening
    1. Reminder: This is NOT your typical pitch fest!

    2. Europe: 7 June 2022
    3. North America: 14 June 2022
  3. The economy and you! Pop quiz — vote with your emojis:
  4. “The world economy is heading into a major recession, complete with a tightening of capital markets. How will zebra companies fare?”

    💃🏼 = we’re anti-cyclical, so this is our moment to thrive!

    🦓 = zebras will zebra, and find a way no matter what’s going on around us

    🧊 = we’re tied to the larger economy, and it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

  5. Discussion / Q&A


What are we wanting to remember? - Call #1

  • Who is invited to the Salons? Founders and Funders who have completed the forms (but not everyone, were keeping it small for the first one and then iterating!)
  • What times are they? etc? Details coming by the end of the week (or at latest early next week)
  • “The world economy is heading into a major recession, complete with a tightening of capital markets. How will zebra companies fare?”
  • Francene - when business as usual does down, Zebra companies go up, because folks want to do something different
  • Micheal - Bringing real value to the world!
  • Andrew - i think there is a grain of truth in all 3 options, capacity does have limits and also there is strength in resiliency
  • Sassy - we know co-ops and mutualistic organizations do better in economic downturns, and Zebras are more mutualistic than our counterparts

What are we wanting to remember? - Call #2

  • Leslie: zebras will zebra 🦓
  • Adam: good fundamentals culturally, ecologically, economically will prevail; economy will mirror nature more; this recession could be the start of the pivot towards Earth is the greatest asset 💃
  • Sassy: coops are anti-cyclical 💃 — and: when things are more stressed in the system we are in, people with less capacity still have less capacity. Founders who are care givers.
  • Leslie: cycle of burnout is real! “zebras is my respite.”
  • Adam — can you make something people need in a a recession and make margin?! That’s the opportunity. — He does messaging and branding for social enterprises, now helping with business model design in a stakeholder context. Now looking into web3.
  • Leslie: looking into platforms for co-ops, Hypha, and SEEDS: https://joinseeds.earth/buy-seeds
  • capital salons: curated groups of investors and founders
    • curated groups are a huge value add!
    • mutual education journey
  • our summer course!

Recordings for these sessions:

  • Recording for the first session:
  • Recording for the second session:

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