Zebras Unite Capital Products [deprecated]

Zebras Unite Capital Products [deprecated]

Status: 23 September 2022

In partnership with aligned programs, strategic partners, and our chapter leads around the world, Zebras Unite Capital is developing a series of innovative products and vehicles that help mobilize more capital to the businesses that are better for the world.

Access to these products is a privilege of membership in Zebras Unite Co-op and / or affiliated initiative, like the Inclusive Capital Collective.

In line with our commitment to Design Justice, all our capital products are co-designed with the entrepreneurs and communities they are intended to serve, and are responsive to their needs. We use a participatory collaborative design process to create new products, as described in

Below is the current suite of Zebras Unite Capital products:

👊🏾 ICC Credit Enhancement Facility

  • The Facility provides friendly capital to ICC members who need a sweetener to convert other investors into their projects and / or funds. The ICC Investment Committee will qualify members’ projects or portfolios, and review applications to the facility.
  • Anticipated uses include “mezzanine equity” for real estate projects (as described in Black Paper No. 1, Building Community Wealth: Shifting Power and Capital in Real Estate Finance) or loan loss / subordinated debt for character-based loan funds (as described in the forthcoming Black Paper No. 3).
  • Investors provide (i) grants, (ii) a forgivable loans, and / or (iii) low interest loans to the facility.

🖤 ICC Regranting Facility

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🤝 Co-Op Ecosystem Fund

  • This is a pooled, syndicated debt fund for and by cooperatively owned financial institutions in the US, including the National Coop Bank. It is intended to spread the risk of making investments into early stage enterprises, or those in new sectors.
  • Anticipated uses include loans to early-stage collectively owned businesses such as platform cooperatives and other enterprises that have a shared .
  • Investors provide (i) equity or (ii) loan capital for the fund.

↔️ ICC New Market Tax Credits pipeline

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Please contact [email protected] for more information!