Circle meeting 1 March 22


What are we talking about?

From last meeting: FYI:x Hosting the Zebras Unite Europe sub-circle


What are re wanting to remember?

  • Dann to reach out to European founders with chance to update their records before doing further diligence
  • [from Andrew]
  • So I won't be attendance at today's call, so sharing my work from the last week and what I've started on. I've cc'd those that I know are currently working on this and apologize if I've excluded any person. Please feel free to add them to this, I did not tag everyone on the project list as I'm not clear if they are active or inactive. 1. I've started to send some generic status update questions to people who look like they just have a "fart" of an idea when it comes to the fund so that we can weed out those that are seriously well placed to address these issues. I've assigned them to myself on the board. 2. I've started reaching out to others who are based in the UK on the board to ask a generic question of what are they looking for so we can categorize. 3. I've sent you both (Dann & Anthony) the link to the airtable intake that needs to be pushed on the Mighty Network people. I will leave that to y'all. 4. I've sent y'all the airtable link for the full details which sits on the Overview tab in the Supporting Capital Entrepreneurs.Additionally, I had a chat with Cam last week discussing the overlap between Investment Referral process, which is the "dealflow" team.

  • @Miah Shull Olmsted + 4 people working on how best to reframe a showcase / pitch night, zebra-fy, more like a “capital salon” to elicit both financial and non-financial things you needed — create a community of care around founders, people earn patronage for amplifying and helping each other

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • @Astrid Scholz to revise the founder form to force a singular choice of crowdinvesting platform
  • Prateek is sharing a platform link with [email protected]
  • @Astrid Scholz to check and revise public facing web pages about ZU Capital and co-op perks
  • @Miah Shull Olmsted to animate and scaffold the new “Zebras Capital* Salon” project