Circle meeting

Circle meeting


What’s good? Share something good about you or your work (1 min each)
  • Carrie is back!
Quarterly Goals. What do we want to prioritize for the next 90 days? (10mins)
  1. Navigate ZU members to capital. How?
    1. Get commitments for the ICC credit enhancement facility, regranting facility, and institutional pipeline.
    2. Marketing event at SOCAP
  2. Streamline the ZU Capital navigation experience
    1. Engage co-op members to contribute more patronage
    2. Increasing the number of WeFunder eligible members and other crowd platforms
  3. Advancing the Capital Collectives in Europe and SE Asia
    1. Next phase of round table discussions in Berlin with German investors
Long Term Goals. Where are we going? (5 mins)
  1. Mobilize BILLIONS of dollars to Zebra companies
Scorecard. Are we progressing the work? What are our measurable outcomes due when? (DOC)

To-do List
IDS. Identify, Discuss, Solve. What are our blockers, solve them and move to To-do.
Recap To-Do List
Cascading Messages
Rating (1-10)
Move your To-Do’s to Asana if that’s how you like to work πŸ™‚


  • Chris has dangerous amounts of knowledge about CDFIs, and also has interest in investor education
  • Bringing CDFIs into the conversation, and educating especially non-accredited investors via Wefunder and others
  • Very interested in small biz lending side of CDFIs, which is very US centric
  • creating new capital instruments in these collaborative design processes, e.g., Global Regenerative Finance Collective, which is one of several such regional, sectoral and / or demographic initiatives that we are advancing for the purpose of catalyzing capital and entrepreneur support
    • GRFC β€” aims to reclaim and design rails around what it means to do finance in regenerative ways that create regenerative outcomes
    • deck here
    • how do we innovate?
  • many to many matching is the Holy Grail β€” @Astrid Scholz & co literally wrote a paper about it, and makes this so hard, and we are building towards that, slowly, as part of the whole ZU infrastructure build
  • broker models are really tough β€”> we can make money on pipeline aggregation
  • why not set up a fund? β€”> because all the best people are already doing it