Francene & Astrid

What we talked about:

ICC status and trajectory:

  • Funds sitting on ZU dot org books AND on 2MF books, AND the Co-op is managing ICC branded advisory services
  • NYD is managing the unified forward budget
  • Opportunity to advance ICC branded advisory services as a revenue stream in the context of Port of Portland Opportunity

Francene’s plans for Serve:

  • Serve is a big concept, hard to bootstrap, and investor education is a steep, long hill to climb
  • Has more capacity to support ICC and other matters!

Other matters:

  • Pull @Madelynn Martiniere and @Ostella Adam into meeting with Stephen to flesh out the flow of data for the NMTC pipeline
  • Pull Ross into a convo with Wefunder
  • Get Havell to write about alternative finance approach

Next steps:

  • @Francene to follow up with @Najaah Daniels