Circle meeting 15 March 22


What are we talking about?

What we talked about

What are re wanting to remember?

  • Inclusive Capital Collective is launching an initial set of capital products that we are soon to take to market, informed by our analysis of the capital needs in the US
    • Miah: would prefer to focus on Canada
    • Prateek: interested in getting his technology to market in the US —> reaching out to Infrastructure
    • Candace: still figuring out
  • Help: identifying US-based impact investors - individuals, organizations, etc.
  • Do we create a process flow to diligence investors?
  • We had a technical snafu, everyone received an email because of a CRM error 🙄
  • Who wants to talk with Michael Lawal (Julia)
    • what are next steps for his company?
    • @Esme Verity will reach out to him
    • He might be a suitable candidate for the showcase
  • Planning for showcase is proceeding at pace (Miah)
  • How and when do we start designing the scalable capital matchmaking system
    • @Miah Shull Olmsted would like to spend some time on this next time, let’s invite Infrastructure lead @Madelynn Martiniere to join us at one of our upcoming meetings

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • @Esme Verity reaching out to Michael
  • @Miah Shull Olmsted to review current information in due diligence flows for Wefunder, and will come back to Circle with proposed template for showcase participants
  • @Astrid Scholz speaking with Founders seeking Funding Circle on Thu 17 March, @Miah Shull Olmsted join me?