Circle Meeting (Working Session)

Circle Meeting (Working Session)


What’s good? Share something good about you or your work (1 min each)
  • Devin excited for his event coming up. Supercrowd22. September 15 & 16
  • Ross - CPE slowly building a partnership with MAPS, announced partnership and offering.
  • Chris - Dept House & Com Development. Highlighting black business month in August. CDFI coalition will share all!
  • Astrid - In relationship with others in France!
  • Francene - Back in action 😃
Quarterly Goals. What do we want to prioritize for the next 90 days? (10mins)
  1. Navigate ZU members to capital. How?
    1. Get commitments for the ICC credit enhancement facility, regranting facility, and institutional pipeline.
    2. Marketing event at SOCAP
  2. Streamline the ZU Capital navigation experience
    1. Engage co-op members to contribute more patronage
    2. Increasing the number of WeFunder eligible members and other crowd platforms
  3. Advancing the Capital Collectives in Europe and SE Asia
    1. Next phase of round table discussions in Berlin with German investors
Long Term Goals. Where are we going? (5 mins)
  1. Mobilize BILLIONS of dollars to Zebra companies
Scorecard. Are we progressing the work? What are our measurable outcomes due when? (DOC)
  • In-progress
To-do List
Draft a capital circle agreement (Astrid)
Connect with Ostella to see if work has started on the capital circle agreement (Esme)
Connect with Will to be on the panel at Supercrowd 22 (Devin)
Send a list of Zebras that have crowdfunded (Astrid)
Content Calendar (Francene)
Capital Circle Dashboard (Francene)
@Evgeni Kouris to follow up with attendees: Thank you; we’ll loop back with next steps; who was missing; invite to the US salon
@Miah Shull Olmsted and @Astrid Scholz to draft framework for discovery interviews
@Evgeni Kouris and @Francene to draft a 1-2 pager
@Francene to follow up with the capital circle members
@Astrid Scholz to add Miah to the ZUC Airtable
@Astrid Scholz to connect @Evgeni Kouris with Infrastructure lead
@Miah Shull Olmsted and @Francene to talk offline about how to work with interns/students - matching learning objectives with student goals & ZU co-op needs.
@Evgeni Kouris to introduce Felix Oldenburg to explore a partnership with their platform, BCAUSE
IDS. Identify, Discuss, and Solve. What are our blockers, solve them and move to To-do.
Francene’s Back from the Land of COVID 😷! Alas, she’s well behind on deliverables and could use some hands on deck from her circle mates, such as:
Circle Notion Dashboard
Circle On-Boarding Process
Communications Plan
Event Calendar
Educating Zebras on how to invest in other Zebras (Navigating to other Zebras events etc.)
How do we shop our Zebra companies?
Educate Investors (LPs and GP’s and others)
Annie Patton Power (sp) speaker series? -
Content Calendar
WeFunder Process Design
Self-select on founder form (looking for crowdfunding)
Qualify folks in form (i.e., if you’re pre-revenue and don’t have a crowd); crowdfunding is not for you.
Resource list for a variety of founders in the “timeline.”??
Francene to connect with Cameron, Julia, and Ross for strategy.
Auto-email to investors/funders once they complete the AirTable (Cameron)
Supercrowd22 exposure to other Zebras
@Francene to Post in the Mighty Network
General and secret group for co-op members
Francene to check access to MN (you are now a host!)

Recap To-Do List
Cascading Messages
Rating (1-10)
Move your To-Do’s to Asana if that’s how you like to work 🙂


  • Astrid reviews quarterly goals—we want to make money and navigate members to capital
  • Devin’s item:
    • Newsletter mention went out, what else can he do, or expect others to do that would be appropriate?
    • We’ll push through MN.
  • Francene is looking for help with the capital circle experience streamlining
    • Ross is ready to chip in!
  • Wefunder process: needs overhauling to qualify founders for the right source of capital
    • trying to get this right as our broader many-to-many matching problem
    • something like Supercrowd22 is part of the solution!
    • so is education for investors
  • @Francene to work with folks like Julia, Cam Neil, and Evgeni to document