Circle Meeting 5 April 2022


What are we talking about?

  • Proposal decision making framework (Ana)
  • Proposal Pitch Practice (Ana)
  • Discussing Discord/Slack as communication tool for Capital Circle (Dann M?)
  • Follow up from conversation with Sendit Founder Michael (Esme) (10 mins)
  • No new submissions? (Julia)
  • ICC capital instruments (Astrid)


What are re wanting to remember?

  • Use a formal Decision making framework for making and ratifying proposals
  • Proposal: Create a space for “Pitch Practice” (Ana); see here
    • Clarifying questions:
      • How does this relate to @Miah Shull Olmsted’s concept for a capital salon and / or how does it relate to the “Founders raising financing” circle?
      • This would be a practice forum, whereas the salon is part of our matchmaking prototyping
      • Is this sort of pitch practice a membership benefit? Honing their own pitches in a safe environment? Or pitching to investors? — What’s most of interest here?
      • How would you organize this in light of number of founders who might potentially be interested?
      • How does this contribute to our strategic goals around navigating eligible co-op members to the capital that’s right for them?
      • Hearing an element of community connection, members getting to know each other; and: could be part of technical assistance offering for members as part of white glove
  • Follow up from conversation with Sendit Founder Michael (Esme) (10 mins)
    • might be candidate for showcase / salon
    • @Miah Shull Olmsted getting ready to operationalize the salon
    • target date — mid to late May
    • Asana board here
  • Other tools for use by capital circle?
    • MN sucks, Asana tricky
    • Proposal: try harder using Asana messaging function at Capital portfolio level and / or use Google groups
    • Not all decisions are consent decisions, and the choice of tools for the entire co-op is a matter of an entire circle, the Infrastructure Circle

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • @Astrid Scholz will investigate the referral form to see if we are blocked somewhere or just not getting any new interesst
  • Everyone: please tag into this task for further discussion of the pitch event idea
  • Everyone: please join this portfolio for visibility and messaging across all the Capital Circle projects