Drafting Wefunder copy

[from Evgeni]

Looks appealing on the first sight, just 2 cents:

1) not fully sure about the selection of the Zebras - are these representative Zebra companies or the ones successfully used Wefunder?

guess I would add this into the description of the 2 Zebras as it is mentioned only in the first. Also the link of the 3rd one does not work. On the first one it says $350K in the text and on the detailed page it says $137,410

2) not sure about the deal - 6.5% even though discounted, sounds like really a lot

[from Julia]

Regarding (1) I feel it would be better to get the whole info at the landing page on top. Like „These are Zebras, co-op members of Zebras unite co-cop. More info for Zebra here (link). We do have a cooperation agreement with zebra and re happy to have you all at Wefunder.”

[from Francene]

Add an explainer video

[from Zee]

Re: Concur with the feedback that being able to differentiate "Zebras" from the other genres would be valuable; and agree that the explainer approach.

Something that's confusing to me about this presentation is it seems like it's more of a landing page bragging selling WeFunder, and not a Landing Page selling people on supporting Zebra's based companies which happen to be on WeFunder. I think both are valuable, but it does seem more valuable to the members of Zebra's Unite if it's "Here are the current Zebra's Raising" rather than "Here's some Zebra's we helped in the past."

Re: Percentages - 6.5% is a lot; but similar to what escrow.com charges for payment processing + non-concierge escrow services: https://www.escrow.com/fee-calculator for accepting $$$ < $5000; so if 6.5% is all inclusive that's quite competitive (IMO). If it's "Oh WeFunder gets 6.5%, but Founders wind up with 75% of their raised amount because of other fees/costs" that is less appealing. It could be nice to have a clearer picture of what the (non-deal specific) costs-of-capital looks like when raising on WeFunder/Lend4Good/other platforms.

[from Cam]

Hey everyone

Videos and explainer additions sound good.

Re Zee's point, this seems more like its selling to Zebra founders than Zebra funders to find Zebras to invest in - that could be an additional page that WeFunder would be interested to create ...


[from Kate]

Chiming in--I agree with the comments above that it feels like a WeFunder boiler plate with a few zebra mentions. I didn't realize the whole page was aimed at zebras until I saw the 7.5% crossed out at the end. It wasn't clear to me that discount was for Zebra members. Also a +1 to the comment above that it would helpful to be able to get information on what a Zebra is and that it means Zebra membership, not just a way of structuring or their belief system.