ZU Capital: Updates & Opportunities for Co-op Members


What are we talking about?

  • Finding the Capital Circle on the Member Dashboard:
    Zebras Unite Capital
    Zebras Unite Capital
  • We have several zebras going up on Wefunder shortly, and are working on a dedicated landing page there.
  • Reminder: platforms like Wefunder are part of our strategic partnerships, which we negotiate special deals for:
    • current platforms in the roster: see
      Find funding
    • image

    • —Ignore Clearco for now! That was a misfire from a member-led circle, and we’re in conversation there now to bring them into alignment with our partnerships program
    • Any investing platforms you’d like us to partner with? Please suggest them to astrid@zebrasunite.com
  • Gearing up to host our first zebra showcase for investors—stay tuned!
  • Kicking of a collaborative design process with key stakeholders in the co-op capital world in the US, to create one or more new financial vehicles and products that help us funnel more capital to companies like ZU Co-Op.
  • Red Hat Impact briefing on their trade finance vehicle: speaking of creative Finance in the Pacific Region - https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYkc-utqjwoHdW8ZJQJjhign1psc5FvfgEz
    • Members only discussion on same: register here!
  • Launched the Southeast Asia Capital Collective: Join us this week for a kickoff event,


What are re wanting to remember?

  • P6 account idea, everyone gives each other a 10% discount
  • Interest in helping find anchor investors for Wefunder
  • Interest in navigating people to technical services
  • Could we create a fund of funds leveraging DAFs — especially in the ICC
  • People love the idea of setting up a digital agency for fractional employees, like CFOs, accountants, etc.
  • What about zebra mentors, “how to be a better zebra” and funding routes
  • what could we do as members of ZU to leverage the trade finance vehicle as the basis for a co-op
  • capital collectives and other ecosystem interventions are our sweet spots
  • sub-team focused on capital entrepreneurs is still figuring out what would be most useful; emerging themes: (a) help with structuring of funds, and (b) showcases to introduce zebra funds to aligned investors and LPs.

Recordings for these sessions:

  • Recording for the first session:
  • Recording for the second session:

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • Havell to follow up with offer on technical services around crowdinvesting
  • @Astrid Scholz to do a blast to investors in the ZU and ICC for finding anchor investors
  • @Kate Sassoon to extend invitation to Capital Entrepreneurs group on MN for the members trade finance vehicle