Circle meeting

  • Start of year gut & pulse check
  • How contribute and get patronage? — Time to start clocking it
    • Keep track of time
  • Technology overwhelm is real, some channels work better than others, co-op exploring so many right now, learning them is frustrating, some are one-offs in our lives, many not designed for people like us
    • Slack could be improved in terms of UX
    • Asana OK, but don’t love it - good for tracking time spent
    • Notion useful, but not as user friendly
    • Love Otter
    • Don't like Mighty Network for our purposes, just a notch above Facebook; more communities using it
    • Love Crowdcast
    • Squarespace is set up efficiently
    • Airtable OK, but not user friendly
  • What low level tasks could be delegated out, both in this circle and generally
    • E.g. Chapter leads want to be able to say hello to new members in her country
    • MSO has paid interns who could unleashed (under her supervision) on particular technical projects
  • How best to catalyze the matchmaking?
  • CN’s friend’s firm

Action items:

  • @Astrid Scholz to make some changes with incoming and retiring members