Circle meeting 1 Feb 22


What are we talking about?

  • Check in:
    • Happy Lunar Year!
    • Julia in rant mode: her successor is requiring her to be in the office in person for handover
    • Miah: first indigenous investor in room for special purpose vehicle
    • Medha & Anthony: learning a lot about indigenous cultures in Canada
  • Matchmaking
    • Miah will think about Canadian platforms
    • Dann is interested in helping
    • Medha and Anthony will jump into both the Wedfunder and European deal pipelines
  • Who can sub in for @Astrid Scholz at Circle Lead meetings?
    • and circle governance in general, how do we spread the load
    • do more documentation, e.g. what to do with the recording
    • Both Julia and Miah available to represent!
  • other topics?


What are re wanting to remember?

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • @Astrid Scholz looking for time with Jonny at Wefunder, and with @Cameron Neil to touch base on both Lend4Good and the bespoke