ZU Capital: Updates & Opportunities for Co-op Members


What are we talking about?

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Zebras Unite Capital
Zebras Unite Capital
  1. Capital Circle has reset for Q2, some people rolling off, new folks coming on!
    1. We’re spending next week’s meeting refining our operations and protocols
    2. Priorities this quarter:
  2. Prototyping products & services for capital innovators in the US in the context of the Inclusive Capital Collective
    1. Credit Enhancement Facility - first close (targeting 3-5M) of a first loss / patient capital pool that members of the ICC govern themselves,
    2. Brokerage Services - packaging “bundles” of ICC members to get them in front of institutional investors, starting with some US government programs like New Market Tax Credits
    3. Goal: adapt this approach for non-US capital innovators, currently looking for someone to head up this work stream of working with the Capital Entrepreneurs segment of the ZU MN and / or co-op
  3. Figuring out how to scale our capital navigation services
    1. matchmaking with partner crowd investing platforms continues at pace: we now have a dedicated Wefunder page! For investors here, for founders here —> the latter drives them to the co-op 😁
    2. We’re working on a model for scaling introductions to other investors
    3. we’re getting ready to prototype a marketplace to navigate founders who are raising to the technical assistance services other co-op members might provide to help them succeed (as a pre-cursor for a general member2member marketplace)
  4. Our first Zebras Unite Capital Salon!
    1. late May or early June, stay tuned for the hold the date notice


What are re wanting to remember?

  • Christina S. shared that the fireflies notes from the Capital Circle is confusing, and knowing that these notes exist is much more inclusive for her - and she hasn’t been able to join at all because the calls are on her busiest day, but she really wants to join and contribute! is there another pathway for her?
  • Having these notes from all the Circle Meetings more visible to Members is really empowering and helpful! Can we be more proactive about that?
  • Folks are interested in joining the ICC working sprints - William especially wants to be in support of the credit enhancement facility work!
  • Great questions and suggestions from Ellen Fish in Session#2 - @Astrid Scholz 🙂(Sassy tried to give good responses, but her final ideas re: “the missing middle of financial literacy” feels like a great Zebra Curricula)

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