Circle Meeting 29 March 2022


What are we talking about?

  • Astrid asked about joined meeting with Founders seeking Funding Circle Link to convo


What are re wanting to remember?

  • Candace wrapped up the Founders seeking Funding meeting: Astrid gave an update about what the Capital Circle is
    • Founders seeking Funding Circle is a peer2peer learning group and exchange of best practice how to get resources
  • Looking at Asana Boards by project:
    • Capital operations: Astrid’s board
    • Capital prototype: started last summer and first effort to match investors and projects. this is outdated bc at the moment we are focused on Crowd funding
    • Wefunder+ Europe Crowdinvesting Board
      • From Airtable column: a bit out dated on the board. This is the link
      • In progress column, the vetting process for who is eligible for crowdfunding including US & EuropeSupporting Capital Entrepreneurs: Dann giving short update- we have people trying to create funds for the social entrepreneurs. There are 20+ projects with funds from idea to launch stages. The goal is to classify the needs of the funds. Some are looking for deal flow, capital, etc. We want to help with technical support, legal, etc. for Zebra aligned companies and help funds funds themselves. More initial phase than crowd funding projects. This is who Astrid is connecting founders seeking founding group to help match them.
    • Braintrust: Ideas about what to do
    • New ideas:
      • Ana proposed a Pitch Practice format. A monthly Zebras meeting where we highlight 5 founders and let them talk about their work. First come sign up. Maybe this belongs in another circle?
      • Ana proposed to get a framework for decision making & present next week (10 minutes). Will do the pitch practice proposal in this way and combine the two things into 1.
    • We would like to replace Mighty Networks with Discord. Our idea is to start as Zebras Unite Discord and Capital circle as first mover will join and get it started

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • Organize joined meeting with Founders seeking Funding Circle (perhaps quarterly)
  • Ana preparing proposal for Pitch practice to discuss next week and add it to the Braintrust Board
  • Ana preparing proposal for decision making framework
  • Talk again next week about replacing Mighty Networks