Francene & Astrid catch up

Agenda & Notes:

  • ICC stuff
    • Investment Committee: v1 of framework
    • Convene ICC Capital Cabal [staff group]
      • @Najaah Daniels @Alissa Orlando @Francene @Astrid Scholz
      • ICC Product developers join Cabal for part of meeting as needed — David at MDF, and Stephen for institutional pipeline
    • ICC Capital Products:
      • Institutional pipeline — Stephen should be cultivating the demand side, and figure out what ICC members are ready, and how we document their capital needs; and cultivating the supply side of potential NMTC investors
      • CEF term sheet
  • CRA letter
    • @Astrid Scholz stepped back in and sent it around to workshop members, organizing signers and logos
  • 🇩🇪
    Berlin week planning meeting
  • Wefunder
    • Havell WeFunder Communications
    • make it part of a larger comms campaign to amplify
  • Capital Circle
    • where and how to organize our work?
    • Create an onboarding project in Capital Circle team + portfolio
    • park and curate documents in ZU Capital folder
    • Screenshot of Armillaria dashboard:
    • image

  • SOCAP planning
    • punt to next week
    • need to do a side event for investors in the CEF + visit with

Next steps & action items:

  • @Francene to relay ICC IC situation to Najaah and ask for her guidance on how to proceed + get guidance on whether and how to let interested members we didn’t pick know
  • @Francene meeting with Stephen on institutional pipeline on Monday
  • @Francene to pull the citations, insert footnotes + format the CRA letter
  • @Francene to review
    Berlin week planning meeting
  • @Francene to follow up on Wefunder comms campaign