Circle Meeting

Circle Meeting


What’s good? Share something good about you or your work (1 min each)
  • Julia was on a panel talking about all things startups & footie
  • Ross is in Pennsylvania, Co-founder center for Psychedelic Education, we had an event a few weeks ago, soft launch and building out the infrastructure.
Quarterly Goals. What do we want to prioritize for the next 90 days? 10mins

Long Term Goals.

Scorecard. Are we progressing the work? What are our measurable outcomes due when?

To-do List
Draft a capital circle agreement (Astrid)
Connect with Ostella to see if work has started on the capital circle agreement (Esme)
Connect with Will to be on the panel at Supercrowd 22 (Devin)
Send a list of Zebras that have crowdfunded (Astrid)
Content Calendar (Francene)
Capital Circle Dashboard (Francene)
Items to talk about
  • WeFunder
    • Should we use the same process of qualifying for people or set them up straight to WeFunder?
    • What is Zebras commitment (Astrid to track down)
    • Francene Communications Strategy
    • Technical teams
    • Who do we contact?
    • What comes first on WeFunder or the overall idea for the circle.
    • What do we asses and what do we want to do with this information?
    • Create a toolkit for each work-stream
      • If there is a deeper screen needed?
      • Benchmarks for abaca scores? Very VC facing.
      • Well-qualified
        • Set of criteria
        • Reverse the screening; the capital circle verifies.
    • 25k for the legal?
    • Direct to the Abaca level
    • Navigate to the technical assistance
    • Co-referral between members
    • Francene to do a decision tree
    • Have a conversation with Village Capital (Astrid)
    • A slush fund for legal fees (Donor advised fund for Zebras)
    • Handshake agreement
      • What they need to
      • Working session
      • ZU boardgame
      • A board game to administer.
      • Send Ross a invite for Friday (