Circle Meeting


What are we talking about?

  • Europe Capital Salon debrief
  • next week’s US Capital Salon
  • questions about Circle Leads (Francene)
  • grant proposal (Miah)
  • Miah’s intern
  • flows + tools (all)
  • crowdfunding deal flow update (Julia)


What are re wanting to remember?

  • Otter notes here
  • 🎉Hooray for the successful European Capital Salon, huge congrats to @Evgeni Kouris @Francene and Ana
    • good energy, people left with question “what’s next?”
    • good investor / partners: Ingo from Capacurna, Achim from Purpose
    • event was well-received, have one more investor, very prominent, working with Bosch family office
  • AJS’ proposal: use the container of a “capital collective” to create ongoing conversation and work on needs and opportunities together
    • Miah: do some initial discovery interviews with investors to ascertain what would create value for them; document them in a central place
    • EY: create a shared identity, zebra identity is already quite strong and can work for that purpose —> European Zebras Capital Collective; investors, others funders, entrepreneur support organization, Maybe “European Zebra F(o)unders Collective”
    • We’ll draft framework for discovery interviews, and prepare 1-2 pager for the porto-collective
    • Draft some key bullets of insights from European capital salon
  • US Salon in good shape; @Francene will ping us with any needs!
  • Circle members — 20 who selected themselves into this quarter. then decide who plays in what project: need a lead and co-lead for each project
    • @Francene will mass-mail everyone with heads up about Q3 process and projects, and follow up one-on-one with the 20 who had identified themselves for specific workstreams
  • Canadian opps: Federal Strategy (GBA+); BC, Alberta and Ontario most active.
    • Genderlens (GBA+) “Women F(o)unders Collective” —> @Miah Shull Olmsted is starting with BC and Alberta. Now taking that concept into the next conversations with the proposing Canadian counterpart and alternate partner
    • Reconciliation (TRC + UNDRIP) capital collective (FEL?) —> @Miah Shull Olmsted preparing concept into the next conversation(s) with Canadian/Indigenous counterparts
    • Social Innovation - Circular Economy/Rural Health Research Cluster multi-year partnership opps - tabled to next meeting - 1-5 million CAD multi-year grant apps due by July - August. Currently 10-12 Zebra members are interested in this from CA co-op memberships (including 3 investor members). Do we have a grants application calendar management system?
      intersects with infrastructure(??) — where to document needs
  • Tools & flows:
    • need to document our requirements, and intersect with infrastructure
  • Crowdinvesting flow:
    • Julia to introduce Andre to @Evgeni Kouris for a potential bespoke match

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • @Evgeni Kouris to follow up with attendees: Thank you; we’ll loop back with next steps; who was missing; invite to the US salon
  • @Miah Shull Olmsted and @Astrid Scholz to draft framework for discovery interviews
  • @Evgeni Kouris and @Francene to draft a 1-2 pager
  • @Francene to follow up with the capital circle members
  • @Astrid Scholz to add Miah to the ZUC Airtable
  • @Astrid Scholz to connect @Evgeni Kouris with Infrastructure lead
  • @Miah Shull Olmsted and @Francene to talk offline about how to work with interns/students - matching learning objectives with student goals & ZU co-op needs.
  • @Evgeni Kouris to introduce Felix Oldenburg to explore partnership with their platform, BCAUSE