Circle meeting 03 May 2022


What are we talking about?

Rules for this section: - Discussion items will be tackled in the same order that they were added e.g. if you add your discussion item mid-meeting, please add your need to the bottom of the list. We’ll do our best to get to it if we have time! - Tag the person that will present the discussion item - Add a time estimate for how long the discussion item is expected to take

  • Updating operational processes -
    1. How do we create some accountability mechanism ?
      1. Is there a project lead for each workstream?
    2. How do we make it easier to understand what has been done and what needs to be done?
      • Ideas from William
        • How the Capital Circle contributes to the broader Zebras Unite goal (outline the Zebras Unite goal).
        • “Catch up” or “Overview” page
          • 1 pager on Capital Circle hierarchy and sub groups. What is the mission/vision/purpose of each?
          • Link to Notion and Asana to understand what has been done and what needs to still be done
  • Capital Salon decision points (Ana 10mins)
    • How to get more founders in front of more investors? 1 per week, vs. multiple founders per session.
  • European ecosystem discussion & next steps (Evgeni 10’)
  • Case discussion (Julia -5 mins)
  • Rainfall (Carrie 3 mins)
  • Opportunities with Raaise. @Esme Verity -5 mins


William: found the overview pages in all the projects and sub-groups, and also caught up on Capital Circle page

Might be good to record a short Loom video or such. —> Will is going to do that (Timing on new ZU goals copy from Cameron? Info to be included in the Loom)

Nominating leads and co-leads for each sub-project

Will, Evgeni, and Ana to serve as our prototypes for formalizing circle participation

Evolve our patronage system — predetermine projects, and survey people on a regular basis —> Evgeni to reach out to Jennifer from DazzleCamp to create a prototype

Need to describe the process we propose with BMW Foundation, evolve the deck for them

What do we want to do about web3, if anything? (Sample Philanthropic DAO -

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

Will is going to retrace his re-entry journey on Loom
Cameron Burgess will revise copy on ZU Capital page
@Esme Verity to evolve our agenda structure
@Astrid Scholz to follow up with folks to identify / re-affirm leads and second for each work stream
@Evgeni Kouris to reach out to Jennifer Mielke re. Airtable prototype
@Astrid Scholz to evolve the deck for BMW