Circle Meeting 19 April 2022


What are we talking about?

  • Recap Matching workflow, especially income
  • Review Q2 projects and who does what
  • Loop up on Wefunder and other platforms
  • What’s the status of the capital salon, @Miah Shull Olmsted?


What are re wanting to remember?

  • Recap Matching workflow, especially income
    • make sure we get new applications into the flow or solve the technical problem
    • backlog done now
    • need to support current campaigns
  • Need to advance the scalable process to match people to crowdfunding platforms
  • Focus on developing the other offerings, e.g. (i) supporting capital entrepreneurs, (ii) navigating people to other sources of capital, (iii) advancing the internal marketplace
  • Funders seeking financing form needs to converge with Infrastructure Circle thinking on deal standards and member profiles, and integrate it into a communications strategy for how we elicit what members are looking for —> Cameron Burgess put up his hand to think about this integration with Infrastructure and ICC Circles.
    • This is a new Q2 project, the integration with other circles
  • What do we do about the capital salon? Needs to get on the schedule.
    • Others who said they want to work on this this quarter: Ana, Francene, Evgeni, Medha, Joanne, Kate Hammerback, Cameron
    • Identify the when, how and who for the events. One, many, etc. Quarterly? Monthly? (Taking into account timezones)
    • Investor audience are all Zebra identified investors (including the forms and ICC focused (US) and Global) - Only qualified investors. Hold the date notice. Need to identify their expectations, interests etc. Not a regular “pitch” process. More warm introductions. Intimate, with space for dialogue. By location, industry, theme, asset class, etc.
    • We can ask for help from Event production, what are the resources needed to run this?
    • A process of finding the right “fit” between investors and founders. OOTB salon design that anyone can run. 6 week season of introductions?
    • Find the right facilitator for an intimate event. 5-6 together in separate rooms. or a one hour event per founder.

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • @Astrid Scholz to connect with @Alissa Orlando to (i) finalize Wefunder landing page, (ii) support existing campaigns, (iii) make sure those folks are members of the co-op;
  • @Astrid Scholz to loop up with @Esme Verity on advancing internal marketplace
  • Medha to loop up with @Miah Shull Olmsted on status and materials to date
  • Ana to review the Capital Salon action items and lead on moving the work forward.
  • @Astrid Scholz to add folks to the projects they identified as of interest in the survey