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28 Sep 2022: Lots going on in the circle! Check out the latest via the news clips in
Capital Circle Updates

Zebras Unite Capital is a team of co-op members working to mobilize more capital towards zebra founders, and in so doing create a consistent and reliable revenue stream for the cooperative and its members.

We do this by providing education and resources to support founders in becoming finance-ready, formalizing referral relationships with sources of funding, curating connections between founders and funders, developing shared services and infrastructure for capital innovators; and cocreating new financing mechanisms ourselves.

Zebras Unite members can get started on accessing our capital connection services by following the relevant links below and completing the AirTable form. We will review your submission, and may follow up with you to clarify or request additional information. When there are connections to be made, we will discuss the options and fees with you.

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Many people have asked us when we are launching a "Zebra Fund", and what it will invest in. Well, we believe you get better financial products when you design them together with the community they are intended to serve. Therefore:

We are working in partnership with Chapter Leaders and other stakeholders on identifying the regions of the world, sectors of the economy, and segments of the entrepreneur population that could be better served with alternatives to venture capital.

Joining the Capital Circle

We welcome co-op members who want to take an active role in advancing the work of the helping match investor and founders; help make investment decisions when the time comes for Zebras Unite to make direct investments into companies; and / or participate in additional projects and activities to advance the capital work of Zebras Unite. Capital Circle members opt into one or more projects, which we track in Asana.

In 2022, we are focusing on three priorities:

  1. Matching founders seeking capital with partner crowd investing platforms like Wefunder and / or other investors in our networks;
  2. Supporting the growing number of capital entrepreneurs and innovators in our community; and
  3. Develop new services and offerings that connect co-op members with capital.

Current Projects [Q2 2022]:

  • Getting Inclusive Capital Collective products to market in the US, specifically a Credit Enhancement Facility; packaging deals for New Market Tax Credit and other institutional investors; and designing a regranting facility with one or more corporate partners;
  • Navigating ZU Co-Op members to suitable crowdinvesting platforms that we partner with, notably Wefunder, a couple of European platforms, and LendForGood;
  • Supporting capital entrepreneurs (ZU members building innovative funds) with the technical expertise and capital they need;
  • Launching the first Zebras Unite Capital Salon for investment ready companies and aligned, qualified investors in North America and Europe; and
  • Advancing the creation of regional capital and support ecosystems in SouthEast Asia and Europe.

This is a patronage activity, and you will be recognized in the community with a badge. If you are interested in finding out about these opportunities, please:

β­• Join the Capital Circle and we’ll invite you to an upcoming circle meeting.

We meet every Tuesday at 11 am Pacific, and track the three work streams in Asana.