This membership tier is for individuals, not companies. It's great for people who are thinking about starting a business, are working in another company, or are simply curious about all things 🦓 and are interested in participating in chapters, events, and the many service offerings and perks we are building out for co-op members.

The fees break down as follows:

  • $100 buys you an ownership share of the General Member class of the co-op. This share comes with voting rights, and entitles you to receive patronage dividends. The General Member class receives 75%, the lion share (no pun intended) of any dividends distributed by the co-op. This share can be redeemed should you ever decide to leave the co-operative. For details please see our by-laws.
  • $50 is a one-time, non-refundable fee to get you set up in all the co-op systems, provide onboarding and support, send you swag, and generally get you going.
  • $10 a month ($120 annually) is the recurring fee to participate in all the co-op programs, services and offerings. Chapter Leads in good standing do not have to pay dues.

Individual Membership

Special offer for Chapter Leads!

One-Time Fee

$150 one-time fee

Includes $100 ownership share + $50 administrative fee