Capital Circle Flows Review

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Notes from Sassy:

What is really working:

  • Having a Quarterly Refresh - a natural opt in / opt out moment (though we could make this even more effective next time with some celebratory “passing of the baton” or “thank you so much for your work” ritual)
  • Much of the Technical project Tracking - more details here from @Astrid Scholz’s brain
  • Regular co-working sessions at a standing time for the ongoing work (esp of the matching work)

Identified 3ish immediate needs for making this “v.2 of the Capital Circle EXCELLENT”

  1. Patronage Tracking - a centralized solution to empower Capital Circle Member Participants to track their actual labor contributions
  2. “Pledge” Creation - a simple pledge that outlines what Members are committing to for this quarter, perhaps tied to the work streams they identified as their priorities in the Quarterly Refresh form, listed somewhere for mutual accountability and process empowerment for all Circle Members
  3. Defining the Responsibility Waterfall - “who’s on deck when someone has to step out mid-quarter for any reason” needs a scaffolded answer

Sassy is working on the Member Circle Program Refresh right now as well, and definitely needs these 3 things as well, if slightly different flavors.

Other ideas/considerations in this refresh:

Sassy sees 3 levels of Access/Commitment possible in most volunteerism situations - Participating (showing up for a thing), Stewarding (helping make sure the thing happens) and Building (defining and iterating on what the thing is we are doing, and how). All 3 levels need an ultimate “buck stops here” steward which is usually held in the role of a “program lead” that is paid/compensated - in this case that would ultimately be the Capital Circle Lead.

There is a 4th urgent need which is a Member Marketplace, specifically to start tossing folks who need some Technical Assistance in becoming “capital ready” to the people they need, inside Membership (and then the Community).