Circle meeting 24 May 2022

Quick Reference

🤝 Agreements
  • Ahead of meeting:
    • All project leads fill in the Updates section for their project using the Agenda Key
    • Put any Discussion, Proposal Stuck and Questions items into the Discussion section.
⏲️ Agenda Key
  • H: Highlight (Capital circle members should know about this work from last week)
  • A: Ask (ie I have a Need)
  • C: Celebrate!
  • R: Need Review (asynchronous)
  • Q: Have a Question (to be answered now or asynchronously, depending)
  • S: Stuck/Blocked (can’t move forward without a solve)
  • D: Needs Discussion (in our meeting today)
  • P: Proposal (needs voting on /approval from Dazzle District)


Investment Referral Prototype

Project lead/s:

Europe Crowdfunding

Project lead/s:

Lend4Good Matchmaking

Project lead/s

Octopus Collective

Project lead/s

Scaling Capital Navigation

Project lead/s

We Funder + Matchmaking

Project lead/s:

Support the Capital Entrepreneurs

Project lead/s

Capital Circle Braintrust

Project lead/s

Zebra Capital Salons

Project lead/s

  • Ana Jamborcic
  • Francene
  • Evgeni

Discussion items

Rules for this section: - Discussion items will be tackled in the same order that they were added e.g. if you add your discussion item mid-meeting, please add your need to the bottom of the list. We’ll do our best to get to it if we have time! - Tag the person that will present the discussion item - Add a time estimate for how long the discussion item is expected to take

  • New agenda structure @Esme Verity -10 mins
    • Any objections/amendments?
    • How do we assign project leads?
  • Case discussion (Julia -5 mins)
  • Hands/eyes needed to progress new deals [” from Airtable”] in Wefunder and European platforms projects — @Astrid Scholz in absentia
  • Also: Please indicate what projects you want to be added to, as per this thread in Asana
  • Who can represent the circle at tomorrow’s updates to the community? — @Astrid Scholz has a conflict for the 8 am Pacific session
  • Capital Salons update (Ana — 5’)
  • Devin’s opportunities
  • Techstars Cox Atlanta Impact Accelerator (Francene - 5mins, if that)


  • Permanent call out box for self-onboarding
  • consider appointing a facilitator at the beginning of the meeting to keep track of time and manage the call
  • need an agreement for work stream owners, re-allocate in Asana
    • make explicit how much time each leadership commitment is
    • Specify the agenda in advance
    • encourage leaders to function as coordinators for a larger group rather than just workers
  • How do we activate people in the Capital Circle, to get some of the ongoing work staffed
    • how do we welcome new members
    • email reminders to the group to add to the agenda
    • project leads act as cat herders
    • Consider separating out the meetings that welcome new people and the meetings that are about moving work forward. Perhaps either a monthly welcome meeting, or structuring the meetings to be 1 week social and 1 week logistical.
  • Devin: didn’t like the co-op onboarding experience; felt heavy handed, patronizing, requiring video and document consumption
  • Other ideas for helping improve onboarding and engagement
    • few para’s on what the circle is, options for participation
    • every step of the way: should be welcoming and encouraging, not about barriers and guardrails
    • do something less formal, like a social event or look-see
    • lower the barriers at the level of chapter events —> smooth on-ramp for joining the co-op
    • More focus on engagement and lowering barriers to entry.
  • Capital Salons:
    • reorienting more towards group learning between founders and funders
    • take a strong curatorial approach

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

@Esme Verity to update the agenda template
@Esme Verity to create first draft for a simple patronage agreement with workstream owner
Review ideas for circle onboarding experience coming out of chapter circle
create a standing once-a-month capital cafe
Ana to get more info into Asana for capital salon