⭐ What is Patronage?

Patronage is the time, talent, and / or treasure that you put into the Zebras Unite Co-Op to create value for the community overall. Examples include contributing time by leading a chapter or organizing events; contributing your talent by providing assistance to founders and other members of the community; or contributing your treasure by paying for certain events and other services of the Co-Op. The more patronage you provide, the more value you create for the community, and the larger of a share of annual profits you are entitled to. The tentative title of our patronage system is called Stripes. We are excited to identify the activities and build the tracking system with our membership.

Our patronage processes + infrastructure are still being developed, with your feedback and participation! If you are interested in contributing, please provide your details on the Infrastructure Interest Form.

🧮 Submit a Claim

We are beginning to actively track the complex contributions each of you are making to our co-op - starting with the easiest thing to measure, time!

Please fill in the form below with your patronage claim. We will be in touch if we have any questions.


Who is qualified to contribute patronage to the coop?

All Member Classes except Investor Members are able to contribute their time, talent and treasure to the coop!

What qualifies as a contribution?

Any contribution of time, tools, or talents in service to the cooperative that has been claimed and approved by relevant approvers (in this case, circle leads). Approved activities are currently being determined and defined within current circles.

How will my contribution be valued?

Contributions are currently valued by time and/or cash value. Patronage cannot simply be claimed - it has to be assigned or otherwise associated with an approved activity.

In near future, the value of a contribution will be agreed in advance within circles. If there is disagreement on value that cannot be resolved by the claimant and the approver, the claim will be sent to the Patronage Review Board who will make a final determination

How can I make a claim?

How will my claim be approved?

Claims are currently approved by staff circle leads and other deputised Coop Members responsible for project or programmatic activities. Claims who will validate claims on a regular cadence (within one month of receipt is recommended, as any longer and the contributions and recollection of their value can fade), and make a determination about the value of the contribution (i.e. they have the option to accept the value asserted by the Member, discount/increase it, or reject it entirely)

How will claims be redeemed?

Approved claims are redeemed as member distributions; with the exact process still being defined. According to the bylaws, following the end of the fiscal period, the Board has 8.5 months to decide on any allocation of Profits/Losses to Patronage purposes and give Members notice (see bylaws It has until 9.5 months past the end of the fiscal period to authorize cash payments to Members (see bylaws section 4.3.7.).