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Everything you need to plug into the Zebras Unite Co-Op and start getting the most out of your membership and contribute to the co-op. Have a question? Reach out to Director of Cooperative Membership Kate "Sassy" Sassoon at!

Capital Circle’s latest update is now available for viewing via the link below:
Capital Circle Update (September 2022)
Your ZU Co-Op BOD has been busy! Check out what they’re up to via the
ZU Co-Op Board of Directors

👩‍🔧 UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Status Updates (May 2022)

  • Rolling New Membership Process is OPEN! Send your Affiliate Members - or sign up yourself - if y’all need a refresh!
  • Did you sign up as an Organization? Please check that all your Affiliate Members are signed up, and in the community etc - We are discovering some bugs in our current integrations, and want to be extra sure no one is missed here! Not sure? Reach out!


Set yourself up as a member of Zebras Unite Co-Op

📅 Get subscribed to the Members Only Google Calendar (ask Ostella for help!)

📝 Fill out your Onboarding Survey to get us your profile information - and for Small Teams & Small Businesses, to get your Team Members signed up as well!


Find, build or deploy capital that aligns with your principles
Zebras Unite Capital
Zebras Unite Capital
Lead(s) Meetings

💸 Curious about how we are building the right Capital Connections for Co-op Members? Register for an upcoming monthly ZU Capital: Updates & Opportunities for Co-op Members conversation (held monthly, in 2 timezones) or peruse the recordings of past updates here!

Want to contribute to the Capital Innovation work being done in the Capital Circle (and have it count toward your Patronage?) Raise your hand here!

3 Pathways for ZU Member Capital Access

  1. The Matching Ecosystem for Funders & Founders
    1. This includes the work the Capital Circle is doing on building that better direct matching ecosystem, as well as the work to connect Founders with our Partner Crowdfunding Platforms.
  2. Priority Access to our Capital Innovation Partners and their Programs
    1. ZU Members get streamlined, discounted, customized access to our Partners who work on Capital Education and Access.
    2. See your Member Perks for more details!
  3. Regular Members Only Education + Microconsulting
    1. This includes workshops, advising hours, and other creative support opportunities (like the “Non-Dilutive Capital” Workshop + Office Hours slots with Founding Member Camille Nisich we held in November 2021). And more to come!

💫 Have ideas for more pathways we can support you in finding capital? Let us know!


Get more involved in the co-op-erations

💪 Got skills you want to offer up? Fill out our Talent Buffet form!

🦓 Want to join the Dazzle District (ie “Staff”)? We are hiring!

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Circles at Zebras Unite [work in progress]
Circles at Zebras Unite [work in progress]


Connect with your community

☕ Join our monthly Co-op Member Coffeehouses on Tuesdays at 5:30pm PT and Thursdays at 9am PT with Director of Co-op Membership Kate "Sassy" Sassoon - see your Member’s Only Calendar and the Events in the Co-op Group for details!

🍀 Join our Meet + Greet with Managing Director Mara Zepeda (on pause until August!)


Discover member perks & benefits
Current Member Discount & Benefits
📚 Learning Library - recordings of Workshops, Events, and other “Member’s Only” Learning!
Videos from the hybrid in-person & virtual event at DazzleCamp 2022 can now be viewed via this link. We ask that you not share this link with others outside of Zebras Unite and the Zebras Unite Co-Op membership as some information shared in the video may not be ready for sharing with the general public.

💫 Have an idea for a Member Benefit? Let us know!


Join - or Start - a Member Circle!
Circles at Zebras Unite [work in progress]
Circles at Zebras Unite [work in progress]

What are Circles? Circles are action-oriented groups of Zebras who see a need or envision a mutualistic project and step up to make it happen. Circles are the structure of our collective movement building work.

How to Start a Member Led Circle:

  1. Pitch your Circle idea to at least 3 other Members to gather reflections and hone your Purpose - and find out if there’s already a Circle for it!
  2. Propose your Circle via this form - and standby for support from Kate "Sassy" Sassoon!

Member Led Circles Currently Spinning Up - and How to Join!

Resources for Group Governance

All of our Circles are experiments in small group co-governance - and luckily there are a lot of resources out there for how to do that well! Here are a few:

Community Rule Circles Definition: Community Rule is a governance toolkit for great communities, and this is their definition of “Circles” which we have incorporated into the design of ZU’s Circles.

AORTA (Anti-Oppression Resource & Training Alliance): AORTA is a worker-owned cooperative of facilitators and strategists devoted to helping our movements renew a stronger sense of liberatory vision, values, and purpose. This is their (currently being revamped) resources page - more info for group facilitation is coming soon!

DAWI (Democracy At Work Institute) Democratic Management Guide - The Democracy at Work Institute advances the worker cooperative field in order to create a fairer economy and better jobs, and this is an amazing comprehensive guide from their School of Management on how to Manage a Team Democratically.

Sociocracy For All’s Organizational Structure - Sociocracy For All (SoFA) is a 501c3 nonprofit that collaborates globally to support organizations and communities make their decisions with equity, empowerment, trust and transparency; and this is a great description of the Organizational Structure of Sociocracy, which we also drew heavily on in designing our Operational Structures at ZU.

The Decider App - Nobl is a consulting group that focuses on improving change making organizations, in part by focusing on how decisions get made - and this is a super easy app + menu of decision making structures that guides you through what flavors of decision making might be right for your situation (most healthy co-governed groups have a primary way they make decisions, and then a few special options for different circumstances that they develop criteria for over time to be adaptable and resilient!)

Menu of Decision Making Processes we’re trying out at Zebras Unite!

  • Consensus Everyone agrees
  • Democratic - Voting with defined thresholds for majority rule
  • Consent - Absence of objections
  • Consultative - Decision made with input from others
  • Delegate - Someone given authority to make particular decisions

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