Member Coffeehouse Sessions

Join us at one of our monthly Member Coffeehouse Sessions (held at 2 different times to accommodate global time zones) and get to know your fellow Co-Op members.

We’re trying something new with the Member Coffeehouse Sessions - each session, we bring a member of the Co-Op to share a quick presentation. The aim of the presentation is introduce the member to others, share thoughts and learnings, and help spark conversation. With the presentation as a starting point, bring your beverage of choice and join the conversation, wherever it leads us.

Member Coffeehouse Session FAQs

Can anyone join the Coffeehouse Session?

The Member Coffeehouse Sessions are only open to members of the Co-Op.

I’m running late. Is it okay if I hop in mid-session?

Absolutely! Come when you’re ready. We do ask that you register for the session in advance so we know who’s coming and how many. Once you’re registered, you’ll receive the Zoom link to the meeting.

I don’t like coffee. Can I bring tea instead?

Yes! Bring the tea! Or, bring Milo or Ovaltine, or even a bowl of porridge. Much like a coffee house, this is a free and easy session where you can relax and get to know others at your own pace and in your own way. Bring what you need to replenish and nurture yourself.

Is the entire Coffeehouse Session going to be centered or focused on the presentation? Are we only going to talk about the presentation?

Not necessarily. We go where the conversation takes us. If there’s a presentation on how to train your cats, we might start talking about the cats in our lives and end up talking about how culture is transmitted through language or how acting and improv classes can enhance your leadership skills. The presentation helps spark thought and conversation, but we also make space for that conversation to develop organically.

I missed the last Coffeehouse Session. Is there a recording I can watch later?

Yes! You can catch all of the recorded Coffeehouse Sessions on this page. See the directory below.

What’s the agenda or structure of a Member Coffeehouse Session?

We have a flexible structure that we can modify on the go so we can prioritize meaningful conversations and engagement between members. Loosely, that structure is as follows:

  • Quick Round of Introductions from everyone in the room - 5 minutes
  • Presentation - 10 to 15 minutes
  • Q&A Session (optional) - 5 to 10 minutes
  • Free Discussion - 10 to 20 minutes

Member Coffeehouse Sessions

NameDateSpeaker(s)Topic / Presentation
Coffeehouse Session with Rebecca Moss
September 8, 2022
Rebecca Moss
The Adaptive Cycle