Circle meeting


What are we talking about?

  • A new format for these meetings and the circle work overall
  • SuperCrowd22
  • Impact Cherub Club
  • US Salon debrief and next steps


What are we wanting to remember?

  • Proposal for new ways to structure meetings and work together:
    • create a Notion dashboard where everyone can work from
    • all circle members can see what work is being done, where the tools are, who can help, etc.
    • @Francene’s draft proposal
    • TL;DR “Do your own work your own way” 🥳
  • SuperCrowd22 — now an official partner event of Zebras Unite! 🎉
    • Sep 15 - 16, target audience: US
    • Reg CF investing, and raising awareness for how to do impact crowdfunding
  • Impact Cherub Club
  • US salon debrief and next steps
    • @Francene drafting the comms cheat sheet and flow
  • European salon follow-up
    • @Evgeni Kouris already in pursuit of next steps, especially with aligned 🇩🇪 investors.
    • model for half-step engagement opportunities: pipeline matchmaking, do it sponsorship based, with a willing partners,

Commitments & Action items

Who does what next?

  • @Francene to implement the new circle dashboard + processes
  • @Francene to revise this meeting template to reflect the new way of working
  • @Francene and @Astrid Scholz to connect Devin with zebras who have raised community crowds: